Top 3 Tips To Make Boat Shipping Easier And Cheaper!

Are you preparing to transport your boat overseas? Well, boat shipping is no easy job and more importantly is an expensive affair. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful about handling your boat; else there might be damage to the boat. Here are few tips and suggestions which might help you in taking the necessary precautions, saving you a fortune and distress.

Plan Your Shipping Well In Advance


Planning is the key when it comes to boat shipping. If you’re transporting to another country, then you need to find out the custom regulations and documentation required in that country. If you hire a boat shipping agent, then you need to talk to them regarding the completion of custom clearance, port fees and taxes so as to avoid unnecessary delays.

Prepare Your Boat

This is the most important aspect of boat transport. You need to remove propellers, lights, antennas, electronics, anchor and precious items. You can either ship them separately or secure them safely in the cabin with all access locked. Moreover, you need to remove all fuel, disconnect batteries, empty all water out of boat and remove any cargo.

Measure Boat Carefully

Before transporting, it is important to measure your boat correctly. The length, width and height will decide the cost and also give an idea of how the transport trailer should be for the boat to fit in.

With these practical advices, boat hauling services will become more convenient and cost effective.


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